Planning Process

At Vantage Point, our planning process is centered around a goals-based approach. We’ll help you bring clarity to what you desire for the future and use those needs and goals as the foundation of your plan. As you grow, we’ll be by your side to serve as your guide, educator, and motivator to keep progressing forward. We understand that things change, and your financial plans need to be flexible enough to evolve alongside you. We’re here to help you find your financial confidence and feel well-prepared for decades to come.

  • Phase 1 Discovery
  • Phase 2 Planning
  • Phase 3 Support

Phase 1 Discovery

We’ll take time to learn all about you, your values, and your dreams. Let us know what you hope to gain from our relationship, and we’ll share more about how we can help.

Phase 2 Planning

Using the information we’ve gathered, we’ll hit the drawing board to build a plan that addresses your needs and long-term goals. We’ll discuss these strategies with you at length and, when you’re ready, start to implement them.

Phase 3 Support

Moving forward, we’re here to serve as your first point of contact for anything and everything related to your financial life. We’ll meet regularly to check in on your goals and make changes as needed to your financial plan.